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Wii Sucks

Air Force uses PS3, not the Wii

Playstation Server

The Air Force Research Laboratory has announced it has connected almost 2,000 PS3′s together making it the Department of Defense’s fastest interactive supercomputer. Using PS3s as servers instead of traditional computer based servers, the Air Force is not only saving money, but also saving 10 times as much power consumption costs and several other benefits.

Using the older version of the PS3, the Linux operating system can be installed. This allows the full harnessing of the PS3′s raw power. Department of defense worked directly with Sony with this concept. Other branches and government organisations will have access in sharing this whopping 500 billion operations per second.

Wii Cuts Price to $199

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Nintendo announced today they are slashing the price of the Wii to $199. Sales of the Wii this August compared to sales of the Wii in August of last year are down almost 40%. Does this really come as a surprise to people?

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The Wii has been out since 2006. How many years is Nintendo going to promote a failing system? Perhaps until they re-think how a gaming system is supposed to function and come out with a new console.

Will this new price drop make hoards of new people buy the Wii? Not likely. As sales of other systems with blue-ray players, HD, and real graphics continue to soar, the Wii will probably end up being great for 12 year olds, 60 year olds in physical therapy, and novelty collectors.

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Hidden costs in the Wii

The Wii may be cheap but there is really hidden costs. I will tell you the Hidden costs below:

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Below I will tell you the real price for the Wii

$250 – Wii

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$100 – Batteries

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$050 – Electricity

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$200 – Gasoline

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$600 – Grand Total

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$050 – To cure injuries from the Wii

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$650 – Grand Total if you got injuries fom the Wii

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The Wii is very expensive itself.

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nVidia Rocks! ATI Sucks!

Bad news Wii Lovers! ATI Sucks!

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The Wii’s graphics are BAD! See the difference between nVidia SLI graphics and the Wii’s Hollywood Graphics!

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This page is SLI Ready

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25 year old man dies from playing Wii Fit

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Tim Eves tragically died on Monday, right in front of his girlfriend Emma while showing off his jogging skillz. Tim was a scout troop leader, and avid outdoorsman. He was in the best shape of his life and enjoyed many physically demanding activities like bicycling and more. However, even not the most fit of people could survive the doom of the Wii. While jogging on the Wii Fit, he collapsed and died right in front of his girlfriend and best friend. They frantically tried to save him but their efforts were no match for the Wii, as it had claimed another victim. This should be a warning to all: Anyone, regardless of age, gender, sex, nationality, race, obesity, health conditions, can fall victim to the Wii.

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Top 10 Reasons Wii Sucks

Hey guys, Its good to find this site! The following is my list of the top ten reasons the Wii sucks. I have thought long and hard and compiled this list for you guys. Let everyone who hates the wii unite!

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  1. The graphics: Nintendo must be looking backward, thinking that history is going to repeat itself, over and over again. Sorry guys, the rest of us are looking for improvement. Hence why the other two 7th generation systems are so visually appealing with improved graphics and HD/Blu-Ray options. Colorful bubbly shaped characters are for little children and cartoons.
  2. The games: If you’re stuck in LaLa-Land following Nintendo’s character saga, then sure, you might enjoy playing these games. However, how many more mushrooms can you watch the italian plumber eat? This system’s game selection is horrid, and the ratings even dropped from the Gamecube!
  3. Controller batteries: Nintendo must have made some under the table deals with energizer or duracell, because AA batteries just don’t last quite as long as they used to. The Wii controllers die faster than any other system conroller, yet. On top of the rediculous system and accessory prices these “revolutionary” controllers are costing you and arm and a leg in just battery prices!
  4. A system with a DvD drive that doesn’t play DvD movies. We’re moving forward in technology, onto the seventh generation of gaming consoles, but Nintendo decides to go backwards, behind the PS2, which plays DvDs better than some home entertainment systems. The Xbox 360 at least attempted the HD DvD, and Sony took a step further and went Blu-ray, the video technology of the future. No DvD player? Is that a joke? It must be, along with all of the other qualities of the Wii.
  5. Juvenile Themes: The plan to make a system geared for everyone backfired when they spent too much time focusing on the younger crowd. Maybe they forgot that little kids aren’t able to afford a $200+ system.
  6. Controllers: The controllers that Nintendo came up with are considered revolultionary in their eyes. From a hardcore gamer’s perspective, the motion sensed controls are just plain annoying. The term “video game” should be taken into stricter consideration. I’ve never had a complaint about pushing buttons to control my on-screen character, but its almost insulting when lounging and your television is telling you to swing your arms this way and that.
  7. Online Multiplayer: Some of the best-selling titles to hit the market are due to their online multiplayer abilities, such as the Call of Duty series. Don’t even bother plugging your Wii into the internet. It’s only fun to play with multiple people in the same room. Nintendo should have given us all extra controllers per system to make up for this.
  8. No hard drive: Again, with Microsoft and Sony moving forward, taking risks and making bolder moves like the HD attempt (which, however, didn’t take too long to fail) and the Blu-Ray success, it is almost assumed that when you buy a new generation system, you have a hard drive to save music, videos, and other pieces of media to. What option do you get with this system? Nothing… Have fun.
  9. Nintendo’s gimmicks = $: They’re scamming us all.
  10. It’s Dangerous: If some butterfingers forgot to use the wrist-strap in Wii bowling, say goodbye to your 52″ plasma t.v.

Wii supports Flash Games

Wii Flash Game

Wii Flash Game

You know those little flash games in online game sites, like “Pop the balloons”, “Hit the penquin with a baseball bat onto spikes”, “Smash the brinks with the ball and paddle”, all the typical flash games? Wii is now rumored to start supporting games made entirely of Flash. This means you can spend even more countless hours trying to navigate pacman through intricate levels with your motion sensor Wiimote. Good look with that one. Is Nintendo that desperate that they cannot develop real, 3D games with good graphics, that they have to go back to 1999 technology and let those games be a part of the Wii? What is Wii thinking? Maybe most of the world is dumb and will love the addition of flash to the Wii. Below is a list of the 10 most popular Flash games for computer:

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1. Baloons, created by Ninja Kiwi. A monkey and some darts versus an army of balloons.

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2. Hotel Online, created by Realore Studios. Hotel management action game: keep your guests happy with room service, coffee, etc. or lose popularity.

3. Bubble Struggle 2, created by Krešimir Cvitanović. Can one heroic piglet with a speargun defeat waves of falling balls?

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4. Papa’s Pizzeria, created by Flipline Studios. Baking action: make money by cooking your pies on time with the right ingredients.

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5. Fancy Pants Adventures 2, created by Borne Games. Cool platformer action with appealing visuals and stick-drawing animation — and my personal favorite from this list.
6. Tower Bloxx, created by Digital Chocolate. Another fave: construct a city of skyscrapers by dropping ready-made floors from cranes, but beware wobbly towers.

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7. Cube Crash, created by Ocean Breeze Games. Score points by scooping up connecting rows of like-colored cubes.

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8. Bricks Breaking, created by Novel Games, distributed by MindJolt Games. Near identical to Cube Crash (above), just less visually attractive.

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9. Paris Oh Paris, created by Shaun’s Flights. Possibly NSFW (and definitely cheesy), toss greasy food at the famously annoying, underfed celebrity.

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10.Stunt Dirt Bike, created by YouGame.com. Jump cars and other obstacles with your dirt bike in this 2-D side-scrolling game.

Thanks to gigaom.com and many other sites for providing this flash game list. Like any of these games? Like them enough to play them on your television? Then thankfully the Wii will start suppoting Flash Games. Woohoo!

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Eminem Hates the Wii

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It sounds like even Eminem hates the Wii. This controversial video made in Canada portrays an Eminem or Slim Shady sounding remake poking fun of how bad the Wii console is. This video has sparked endless debate on both sides of the Wii argument, but one thing they both agree on is how well the video was made.

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Amazon is liquidating sucky Wii Games

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De Blob squirting everywhere

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De Blob squirting everywhere

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Amazon claims “Easter Savings” but some are speculating why 46 Wii Games

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have been slashed to prices below $30

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. Maybe the Wii is not doing so hot? Maybe people are starting to realize the Wii sucks and stopped buying games. This could be a last chance effort by the companies to slash prices and sell as many Wii games as possible now, before everyone finds out the Nintendo Wii sucks.

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Some of the Wii games that have been discounted are:
Monster Jam – Ohhh, run over other cars and smash them

De Blob – Splatter blood looking feces all over the screen

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Spider Man 3

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– This game sucks so bad they slashed the price to $11
Kung Fu Panda

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– Seriously? A Ninja Panda… you have got to be kidding

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It will be interesting to see if these games are truely on sale for Easter, or if Amazon is trying to liquidate all Wii products before Nintendo goes out of business or bankrupt do to how bad the Wii sucks.

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Wiimote sucks so bad, Punch Out will use NES style controls

Tired of all the annoying body movements, hand motion, twitches, and carpals tunnel syndrome? The new remake of Punch Out will also include the default NES style control using the keypad and A, B. Going back to the 1980’s will actually improve the Wii’s performance. Now you won’t lose the game at the final boss because your arm is aching. Perhaps enough people complained that Nintendo might start releasing this old school NES control interface to play these new games of 2009.

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Games of the future… who knew we would be going back to using up, down, left, right, A, B.

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