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Wii Cuts Price to $199

Wii Cuts Price to $199

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Nintendo announced today they are slashing the price of the Wii to $199. Sales of the Wii this August compared to sales of the Wii in August of last year are down almost 40%. Does this really come as a surprise to people?

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The Wii has been out since 2006. How many years is Nintendo going to promote a failing system? Perhaps until they re-think how a gaming system is supposed to function and come out with a new console.

Will this new price drop make hoards of new people buy the Wii? Not likely. As sales of other systems with blue-ray players, HD, and real graphics continue to soar, the Wii will probably end up being great for 12 year olds, 60 year olds in physical therapy, and novelty collectors.

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No matter how Nintendo tries to help their precious Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis. It will always be shit.

ps3 and xbox will always be than the wii cuz it sucks ass

be better

So far I don’t see any valid arguments on why the wii sucks.

Nintendo is following microsoft and sony, you ps3/360 fanboys!!!!!! Why criticize something when the console of your choice is doing the same thing?

Omg, dude seriously.

1. Graphics sucks
2. Cant even play dvds
3. Online sucks
4. Too expensive considering how old it is
5. Crap games
6. Dodgy controllers
I rest my case

“Omg, dude seriously.
1. Graphics sucks
2. Cant even play dvds
3. Online sucks
4. Too expensive considering how old it is
5. Crap games
6. Dodgy controllers
I rest my case”

1. Who cares about graphics?
2. It IS backward compatible w/ Gamecube accessories and games
3. It may be where you live where it sucks
4. Why the f*** do you think they lowered the price,then?
5. Some of the games are great! Don’t blame the Wii because cheap,unexperienced 3rd party companies wanna make a quick buck.
6. The controllers work fine. Perfect example: Super Mario Galaxy

I rest my case. ;)

OMG Wii is failing even though it is STILL owning PS3 and 360!

The Wii is lame. I should have never got on one if I would have known that it was going to be like this. Im getting a PS3 or 360 I don’t care as long as its not the Wii.

Wii sucks

Wii has the worse games ever. So much 3rd party crap on the shelves of game stores I can’t find anything good that dosen’t have to do with Mario or any Nintendo character.

Please, please, please tell me this site is just a big joke. Like that’s all irony. Because nobody can seriously mean all this rubbish. I mean, one thing is to not like a system, but THIS? This is way too extreme. If you really mean it, then you are in denial.

“The Wii has been out since 2006. How many years is Nintendo going to promote a failing system? Perhaps until they re-think how a gaming system is supposed to function and come out with a new console”? Whaaaat?
Ah, of course:”The Wii has been out since 2006. It has sold like crazy since the beginning, and outsold the 360, which came out the year before, within a year. Perhaps that’s what made MS and Sony realize that they couldn’t just power up and continue as before, but has to innovate(Read: Sony’s new controller and MS’ Project Natal)”. Fixed.

“As sales of other systems with blue-ray players, HD, and real graphics continue to soar”? Whaaaat?
Ah, of course: “As sales of other systems, namely Xbox 360 and PS3, with blu-ray players, HD and superior graphics continue to lag behind Wii’s sales.” Fixed again.


PS: If anyone begins to flame me, seriously, get a life. I’m not a fanboy, I own both a Wii and 360, and play roughly the same amount on them. I’m just pointing out that this site is pointless, in denial, ignorant and, in some posts, just plain stupid. If you really spend time on this site just posting lies to further your hate of a console, then you have my pity.

The words “Wii” or “nintendo” are forbidden in my household infact i despize any word related to the wii!

Great site love it :)

Whoever posted this doesn’t know shit. If you get injured while playing the Wii, its your own fault for being a dumbass. Rechargable batteries cost $100? Since when? The Wii turns off. Hold button for four seconds, retard. And, by the way, the Wii is ranked number one on Amazon. Why aren’t the other systems up there? Thats right. Eat it, bitches.

BTW, It can play DvDs. Mod it.

Did you know the idiot who made this crappy website closed his YT account? The Wii will always rule and PS3 and 360sucks. So do all Wii haters.

That’s right. The Wii will always be the console that does EVERYTHING it’s supposed to do. The 360 has the red ring of death, no built in Wi-Fi support, and crappy Xbox back-compatibility. The PS3 has no PS2 compatibility at all (i.e. people don’t want to buy a PS2 and pay another $100 for something that should already be on the PS3). Those 2 consoles have major fails. The Wii has seamless Gamecube compatibility, compatibility with Virtual Console games, and a hackability that puts the 360 and PS3 to shame. And, graphics don’t matter. Many hi-budget, special effects films flop, but indie films can be successful. Same with the consoles. The Wii is greener, too. It uses the least power of all 3 consoles. And for those that say there aren’t any good games (I admit the Wii attracts a lot of crap though), take a look at IGN’s top 25 Wii games list. Chances are, you’ll find at least one that you’ll like.

Theres 1 Fatal flaw with the Wii – EVERYTHING

http://www.teampwnage.net :)

I occasionaly turn on my Wii, but find myself with suicidal thoughts shortly after therefore i have burned my wii!

Anyone one willing who wants my Wiimotes can find them in the scrapyard although they have probably been destroyed too!

I hate the Wii very much myself, but even I didn’t think of
BURNING my Wii! I just sold it! But, hey. What do you
expect? The Wii isn’t any better than my grandmother’s
cooking. If you ask me, NOTtheWii did the right thing.

Screw the boundaries.

Hahaha, idiotic prejudiced fanboys…

The xbox really has that much more memory then the Wii..

LOL the only reason i still have the Wii is 4 Gamecube games!!!

I got Wii for my boyfriend because he love nintendo games. I came from a PSP background and I did enjoy how you can be more active and the games were pretty good and cute. But Now I am annoyed because all the games are cute and they just bring back old games and make it slightly glossy. There is no games for me I want to play anymore except for Wario Ware that sold the console for me, everything else went down hill. So we are going to buy a PS3 when we have the money for it and sell that Wii off until they get better games in Nintendo or at least sell yourself to Sony so they can make better Mario games “Call of Mario” or something.

to the people who think the wii is better than a ps3 or 360, your oppinion doesn’t matter your just mad because your too cheep to buy a real gaming system. The only thing the wii is good for is improving the self esteem of 60 year old women on wii fit,and old nintendo games like punch out and super Mario 3

the wii is so much worse than xbox, ps3, or PC and why in the world would nintendo keep selling this tripe. i mean cmon, wii has their little bubbly characters fit for a three year old. and OH LORD look at those graphics – simply makes me want to throw up ON my throw up. and no dvd drive, good god what has nintedo come to today. oh and im no fanboy, i think the wii just sucks – all other game systems are alright, but the wii? lord… case closed.

You fail to make a valid and intelligent reason as to why it sucks.

wow, this site is pathitic, it is posting stuiped exaterations about the wii. wii fans defend it with truth but the only things comming out of ps3 and 360 fanboys mouths are “WOW WII SUCKS IT IS STUIPED” and “ANYBODY WHO LIKES WII IS RETARDED AND SHOULD BURN” real way to promote your “mature” system

Why the wii sucks:
Graphics, my xbox 1 has better!
Online, why use a FC on wii, when you can use gamertag on xbox.
Games. No mature games.
The other two systems will have better motion controlls when they comes out.

the wii is best so stfu get a life

wow, over have a year and you STILL cant think of another half baked reason that the wii sucks, looks like it dose not suck as much as you thought

Though the Wii has long been derided as the black sheep of this generation of consoles, it is becoming clearer with each passing year that Nintendo is the only company that actually cares if its customers enjoy the time they spend playing video games. Microsoft just wants you to enter your credit card number one more time, and Sony is out to forcibly sodomize all of your pets.

How many stories have you read about the Wii’s dreaded “Pink light of failure”? The answer is none, because they’re no such thing as the dreaded “Pink light of failure.” I just made it up. See how easy that was?

Also, the Wii doesn’t break. That’s why there’s no cute name for its failure. It doesn’t fail. It is built with such love and care by the good folks at Nintendo that it is literally unbreakable, like Bruce Willis in that movie “Unbreakable.” When you put Super Mario Galaxy into your Wii, you don’t have to perform a series of strange rituals to the unseen god of video games in the hope that you will actually get to play the game. You just play it.

Another impressive, yet often ignored, aspect of the Wii is the way in which Nintendo’s system immerses you in their games. What is more immersive than motion control gaming? You are literally performing actions that are perfectly mimicked by the characters on screen. You aren’t going to see that on any other system.

You know what else is supposed to immerse you in video games? Cut scenes. Cut scenes, however, are a terrible plague upon the gaming industry. You sit and watch a pre-rendered clip. Occasionally they throw you a quick-time-event-bone, but it’s always disgusting and you get the feeling that another dog has already chewed on it before you. How is that immersive?

If I wanted to watch pre-rendered CGI clips, I’d go see Avatar or get a Pixar film off of Netflix. That way, the voice acting, writing, and graphics would actually be good, and not just an unnecessary interruption of an interactive medium. You can’t possibly tell me that the endless cut scenes in MGS4 made you feel more a part of the game than when you bowled a strike on Wii sports. I guess you can tell me that, but you’re lying to me and making baby Jesus angry.

If none of this has convinced you (how you could remain unconvinced at this point is a mystery), remember that resisting the Wii is a fruitless and futile action. Last year, the Wii sold 9.6 million units in America, which was more than the combined sales of the Xbox 360 and the PS3. That’s ridiculous.

Every year is supposedly “The Year of the PS3,” yet it never happens, just like all of those end-of-the-world prophecies. How many times have those been right? Zero times, that’s how many times.

You may attempt (pointlessly) to argue that the Wii is slowing down, and that’s it’s just a passing fad. The Wii sold 3.8 million units in December in the U.S., which set a new record for single-month sales. That’s slowing down? Interestingly this was also the first month EVER that the PS3 sold more than 1 million units. Isn’t that adorable?

Many of us grew up with Nintendo as the leader of gaming excellence. And guess what? That time has returned. They still consistently deliver fun games, and their console actually works when it’s supposed to! Think about this while you wander the lonely corridors of Sony’s “Home,” or wait for your Xbox 360 to return from Microsoft’s repair center – yet again

Obvious troll is obvious.
Enjoy making this blog, while nintendo are making more money.
this whole blog sounds like a fucking joke. It’s like the writer wants a wii but can’t. I also love your logic.
No shit. Pc’s grapichs are better than the 360′s and, even though the ps3 is capatible to do better than now, but yet, PC has the best graphix.
When was the last time you watched a movie on your Console?
Bluray maybe, but who doesn’t own a DVD nowadays? You can watch it on your PC if you dont have one.
Resident Evil, MadWorld, Call Of Duty, No More Heroes. Etc etc.
What are Sony and MS doing right now?

Not once in my life has that image ever been more appropriate.

“this game sistem sux ass lul it dosent even haf gears of war wtf is up with that!?! XD only a baby would play something like tht nintendo gamez are made for children obviously. i need something mature for a mature adult leik myself.”

oh yea:



yea, microsoft and sony sure are some innovative developers.

I dont hate the 360 or the PS3 and i’m not overly fond of the wii. But sites like this are just a disservice to humanity as a whole. If you honestly think that your opinion about a videogame console is amazing and edgy you need to walk off of a pier.



This proves only 45% of the US is sane. Seriously, how can anybody possibly think the wii is good? PS3 and Xbox 360 can play DVDs, even PS2s can but wii can’t. Seriously, how gay is that? Also Wii has this friend code crap where you exchange 16 digit friend codes to become friends. Same with if you want to play games. With PS3 and Xbox 360, just type in the other person’s gamertag and the friend request is sent in 2 seconds. Also the Xbox 360 as 20 – 250gb and the PS3 has 60 – 420gb but wii has 512MB, which is half of ONE gigabyte. Seriously, how can some of you defend the wii? You obviously haven’t played any other decent consoles in your entire, shitty lives. PS3 and Xbox 360s rule.

You’re an idiot. The only reason wii actually sold a single console is because of motion control. Well, Xbox 360′s Kinect will destroy the wii. So will PlayStation move. Obviously they’re making motion control so there can be motion control on actually good games instead of shitty wii games. But Kinect doesn’t need shitty ass money sucking wii remotes because it’s a decent system unlike WII! Xbox rules, so does PS3. You should go die in a hole with your wii.

See who sinks lower once Kinect comes out. You and your wii can do die in a hole.

wow this is the stupidest article i have ever seen, the wii is doing as good as it ever was and the reason they are cutting their price is because bothe the ps3 an xbox 360 have, its called competetive pricing. The wii is a console for people who arent hard core gamers do you really think that people who are casual gamers need good online services or cutting edge graphics. NO! they want fun games to play with frieds that are in the same room, and a new controlo scheme. If the nintendo wii was such a bad idea then the move and kinect would not be blantantly plagerising its most succfesful game wii sports (kinect sports is exactly the same idea). You need to understand that the wii is targeted to people who like fun games not fps or huge complex rpg.

@I hate wiitards
still dose not change the fact that the wii was revolutionary and proves that sony and microsoft can not come up with a original idea. they even stole there controle scheme from the super nentendo. also, now players of the playstation will BE BREAKING THERE TV. LOLOLOLOL

I fail to see why having a different rage for gaming is considered somewhat stupid. When I was playing SMB and Castlevania on my NES, I was less than 12 years old. In fact, the most normal people that I know tend to actually leave the gaming industry from that age or a few years later (unless they’re either some big nerds or they work for something related – case in point being me). You’re not really mature more if you play Killzone 3 with 3D graphics on your huge screen while my little cousin plays Wii Tenis and Super Mario Galaxy.

That being said, I don’t see Nintendo moving on to something else more than casual. Heck, even the other monsters in the competition tried their best around the casual users.

You know what I find freaking funny?

People are still bashing the Wii because “OLOL MOTIN CONTROLZ 4 BABIS LOLOL”

And now Microsoft and Sony are copying them.

What does that tell you, fanboys?

Oh, and to everyone who says that Nintendo has always
sucked,they’ve been around since the LATE 1880s.

Not every game has to be with graphics so bright they’ll burn your eyesockets out, how do you think classics like Mario and Megaman are still in this business?

If this website isn’t a joke, I’ve officially lost hope for 75% of all teenagers.

Do failing consoles sell 70 million in 4 years, but somehow 40 million in 5 years is stunning? No wonder you got 2/100 on that Math test.

They’re cashing in on the Wii’s success, not trying to go for “good motion games”, NOOBS!!!

Nintendo has balls for going against the status quo by having motion sensing as the primary control scheme, while Microsoft and PS3 played it safe and didn’t change nothing at all, except making things look prettier and expanding online play, which in my opinion gives off a more casual gaming experience than a hardcore one. If you were to take a really close look at the Wii’s library you’ll be suprised of how many awesome titles it has, not even counting first party games. I wouldn’t necessarily count the following as games aimed at casual gamers and/or children: MadWorld, No More Heroes, No More Heroes 2, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Monster Hunters 3 Tri, Arc Rise Fantasia, Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Okami, The Conduit, Dead Space Extraction, House Of The Dead Overkill, Resident Evil 4, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, these are just some from the top of my head. So yes the Wii is not going to wow you with pretty visuals, everything is not going to look nice and real for you but you can’t say the Wii has nothing to offer to hardcore gamers. The Wii-mote, while it needs batteries(you can buy a charger), enhances gameplay making it fun, new and refreshing; something which made Okami much better than the original PS2 version. Also, some developers have gotten past the obscure obsession to make games look real, by making artisitc and creative graphical designs, if you had ever played or even looked at games like Okami(graphics are more colorful than PS2 Verison), Muramasa, MadWorld, No More Heroes you would know what I’m talking about. To each his own.

This website is finished, i will end it myself…

I think that the wii just proved there was an untapped market of SUPER casual gamers. Nobody who plays a 360 or PS3 will find enjoyment in the cartoon-land world of Wii. They will either…

A. Play a super bloody FPS that doesn’t look like a Youtube video.


C. Play an FPS somebody has actually heard of.

I just want to say that the stupid Wii wankers who say that microsoft copied the motion controls on the Wii with the kinect is completely fucking stupid! Kinect didn’t copy! It uses an upgraded version of the Eyetoy that came out BEFORE AND I REPEAT BEFORE the wii. So go get a life you twats!

Fuck you guys i love the wii and there, in here on portugal u can buy a wii for just 149€ with mario kart or wii sports + sports resort so stop being a bitch about it –’

I so far have only seen bullshit on this site…the wii is amazing if you know what games to play on it, whoever created this site is probably a sixty year old guy who has nothing better to do then rip on game systems they don’t like. Fuck this blog, fuck your posts, fuck your creator, fuck the creators wife, fuck his house, fuck his furniture, fuck his hair, fuck his face, fuck his fat ass, and fuck his favorite vegetable if he has one.

Also, check out this video, Nintendo has been around longer then your mom’s been in the business of prostitution you little fucking assholes, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZltRVzPhaA

And to people who are going to hate me for all of this, I love the playstation! The Playstation 2 was one of my first tv consoles, and I play my bro’s ps3 all the time, but when it comes to the gaming community, the wii is much better, all of the people on online games like Wii black ops are so much calmer then the ps3 and xbox so fuck off

The Wii is not targeted to the same group of consumers that the PS3 and Xbox are. It doesn’t suck, it’s just not the same.

Wii doesnt suck
PS3 Doesnt Suck!
They are all great..

Bad graphics.. are you really nuts? F**# the graphics!? the gameplay is important!

Online sucks.. because your internet sucks

Wii U is gonna defeat all!
and who said the WII IS EXPENSIVE? You all SUCK! (except true gamers)

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